Stevi mermaid swimsuit by Ray King
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Stevi mermaid swimsuit

July 13, 2014

Suit designed by mermaid tail maker and swim suit designer Stevi Summers

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Apart from the bricks just NOT selling the image, your model looks uneasy, and your colour tone is very cool, adding to the unease of the image. A great model, and a good pose. I expect pinups to be warm and or happy, but that's personal taste

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I appreciate critic, I will always welcome them. I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say bricks not selling image. Image isn't about bricks. In my tags you will see that this was product shot of the swimsuit. And definitely not pin up. Just because someone is in swimsuit and tattoos does not make it pin up.

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If you write Pinup on it (ala your watermark) I'm gonna think that's what you're trying to say until you tell me otherwise. I'm trying to suggest that bricks are not an attractive choice for a mermaid theme - find a wavy blue background, a fountain or a pool - but I don't think of bricks when I think of mermaids :) She's a stunningly original model in a unique swimsuit. Perhaps you could shoot her on white and comp in a background that suggests a bathing suit next time :)