"The Repairman" by Sebastian Pinto
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"The Repairman"

February 13, 2018

I used to pass by the shoe repair called "The People" and it always seemed like an interesting place to take pictures so one day I decided to make a cultural rescue of this place and of course of its main character, the restorer.
I went a day of the week and met Pedro Guillermo Rojas Gonzales, also known as "memo", a 65 years old shoe repairman who has dedicated 42 years of his life to shoe repair. I told him about my project to document him and his work, and he agreed very kindly. A couple of weeks passed in which, due to time, I could not go until yesterday and there he was, as I met him, repairing shoes. To my question about the future of the shoe repair as a job, he replies that he expect 10 more years of life because fewer and fewer shoes are brought to be repaired, sad news for future generations who wont have the fortune to know such historical job as it is the repair of shoes. During the photos he was explaining me the process and name of the tools he uses nad how to repair any kind of shoe. Meeting him was very enriching and rewarding, I´m very grateful of Mr. Pedro for having shared with me and for being part of this project.

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