Mamiya-OP Co.,Ltd. MAMIYA ZD
f/10.0 · 1/100s · ISO 100
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This is so bloody good Stefan.

Thank you Jamie ! It was for a magazine. It could have been better, but I had very short time.

really original idea. I can teach myself something from Your every photo ! :)

Thanks for these kind words ! The background is color paper. Only the junction between the two papers were retoched. And I used focus stacking.

Thanks for these kind words ! Well, I could learn from you "splashes" photos ;-) The background here is simple color paper. I just retouched the junction between the two papers, and used focus stacking.

I love the creativity to the shot, my only critique is the spoon, the highlight could be better. I saw from other comments you were limited on time and I know how difficult curved reflections can be, next time I’d advise taking a separate shot of the spoon using a white card / might need to adjust spoon angle to give a better reflection and then comp it in PS.

Thank you James !
I wasn't satisfied with the spoon neither. But my client was. And I had many other objects to shoot that day. So I decided not to lose too much time to fix that.
The objects were put together in photoshop, mostly due to the depth of field.
Next time I'll try better with the spoon, if I have some ;-)

Still a very good shot! Also the client being happy is always No.1 priority so that’s the main thing.