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Ice Cold

Ever wonder what $10k worth of ICE lights looks like? There you have it...

Actually this is only 2 ice lights shot over and over again and composited in to create the final image. I had to piece together 5 separate images of the model to make sure the light hitting different parts of her body made sense with the lights in the scene. Used the wescott collapsable beauty dish as the main light on the subject and a large paul c buff PLM umbrella behind camera to the right as fill and used alienate strobe combined with the Westcott Icelights.

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great shot!

thank you so much!


thanks gabriel

ooomy God this is great

Thanks so much!


Thanks Andrew!

excelent shot robert, excelent

Thanks Fremy!

So much awesomeness!!!!! All that awesome compositing that DOESNT show at all!! GREAT JOB! :D

Thank you Erik! Lots of masking, but a fun project!

seems a fun process