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Old Mission Dam

This is one of the oldest dams in the US. Mission Trails Dam is located in the East County part of San Diego, CA.
During the dry season this area drys up, and no water flows over the dam, but after a good rain it comes to life.
To get this shot I folded the legs of my tripod together and held the tripod over the dam like a boom mic. I'm using a 10mm wide angle lens that makes the subject appear much larger then it is. This gave me a nice downward view with the sky reflecting in the water. To slow the shutter enough to get some water movement I had to really close the aperture. Several attempts were made to get one without camera shake.

• Body: Canon t3i
• Lens: Tamron10-24mm
• Shutter: 1/5n
• Aperture: f22
• ISO: 100

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