March 2, 2018

"Blue Blood" Series

Model - Fox & Lionheart
Hair - Julia Lion Hair
Makeup - Jane Von Vintage
Collar - Raspberry Mazohyst
Photography - Sheridan's Art

50mm · f/13.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Sheridan's Art's picture

Thank you so much! <3

Studio 403's picture

Lovey concept

Tracy Webb's picture

What a incredible capture Sheridan....I have to make it to this level : ) PEACE

?? The name of the girl is..."Fox & Lionheart"??

Sheridan&#039;s Art's picture

Its a common tactic called "nicknames" ; usually the person chooses it him or herself :)

Im aware of stage-names, but "Fox & Lionheart sounds like a law firm in a cheap BBC drama.

Sheridan&#039;s Art's picture

And you sound like someone who is so entitled & bored at the same time I'm wondering why you even bother with something like this in your life :')

Wow dude... I asked if you'd made a mistake putting the agency name instead of the model's actual name. I made a joke about a pretentious name. You can’t deny its a pretentious name. There was no mention of your work nor the standard of the photograph. Settle down.

Sheridan&#039;s Art's picture

Well it's actually just a song title; but considering I'm used to dealing with people like you I though I would just go with the wild ride that the internet often offers me in between retouching.

If you don't mind; I will delete this all now. Joke's on you is over :)