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Santa Muerte

I was inspired to take this photo after I seen a saint death type skull on VOGUE magazine.
The makeup too 3 hours to complete by Marcella Martinez.
The actual photo was 1 of 40 I had taken... which in total, took about 45min to shoot. Post processing lasted about another 3 hours. So in total if you add it all up, from start to finish... almost 7 hours work.
I took this in Sao Paulo Brazil and the models name is Leticia Andrade.

50 · f/2.0 · 1/320s · ISO 200
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Cool stuff, I'm enjoying the graphical elements continuing into the background.

The date is wrong in the EXIF. (My fault)

Hi Seoirse, Great shot. Nice light in the eyes, love the fact you got colour in there. I also like the clean look to your image. I think the flowers are a little too smooth though... maybe could do with some noise overlay for texture? Also the her hair looks great around her face but gets messy towards the bottom of the frame. My wife is a hairstylist so I've been 'trained' to look at these things while shooting.

I agree 100% with your input Greg.
Sometimes we don't see these things until someone points them out... I'm glad you did.
Your welcome anytime to give more input buddy... it helps me grow and I appreciate it a lot