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Is it spring yet?!

- Is it spring yet, mommy?
- Just around the corner, sweetie.
- Oh, I’ll just run to the corner, then.
- No, honey, we have to wait for it to come to us.
- No, mommy. I don’t want to wait. What if Mr. Spring is scared? What if he thinks that we don’t want him? Here, I will take this flower and tell Mr. Spring that it is a gift from all the children who cannot wait to see him!

As I watched my daughter run down the road, seeking the corner spring is hiding behind, I realized that the words of this little angel might make more sense than I wanted to admit.

While we wait, we might just be waited for. So many opportunities, so many people… And we sit and expect… That beautiful dress you have seen might think you don’t want it. That thing you are dreaming about doing might be dreaming of you doing it. That person you secretly love might be scared to tell you that you have the most beautiful nose freckles they had ever seen.

Why wait? Take a flower and run. Run towards your dreams and your people. Run to the corner. Spring is just around it.
©️ Lilia Alvarado Photography

Canon 5D Mark III
200mm · f/2.0 · 1/3200s · ISO 200
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Love all of your pictures, but this one just stand out for me. Such as wonderful image.

Thank you so much, possibly is the mood of the picture :)