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Believe in...

Hearing a story about your mischiefs and all the “crazy and funny” stuff you did as a kid must have made you wonder at least once: “Wow, where did I get such an idea? I sure was a creative child. Where did all my imagination go?”

Children become what they learn. And what they learn depends mainly, but not entirely, on the adults that surround them. As “free-thinking spirits”, they can come up with things that might surprise even the most imaginative adult.

But, the world is divided into “normalities” and “abnormalities”. So we start confining children, depriving them of their wonders. Who wants to be “abnormal” anyway? And if your mum says that there are absolutely no unicorns guarding the space, you shouldn’t draw that. Draw something real instead - a lamp, perhaps. Believe in your eyes, not in your mind.

Precisely this kind of thinking is why we spend our adult life trying to recover the magnificent imagination we once had...wondering what we did wrong for it to leave us.

But, all is not lost, neither for the child, nor for the adult. For, imagination knows no bounds. All you have to do is start looking with your mind, rather than your eyes. Which of these two do you believe in?

Canon 5D Mark IV
85mm · f/5.0 · 1/800s · ISO 500
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Light Painting , Superb !!!

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" Oh, but to dream.'