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Living in the moment…

Don’t worry about the future and don’t anticipate troubles; enjoy the essence of presence, breath and let it go!

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Emily Moore's picture

Nice shot. I like the colors and mood.

Nir Roitman's picture

Very peaceful photo. It's easy to enjoy the calm feel of it. The choice of using those colors is bringing a lot to the atmosphere. And the use of vertical crop is very contributing to the importance of the subject. Could be a great fit for a book cover for example.

Lilia Alvarado's picture

I appreciate your warm review!

grgurb's picture

congrats on potd!

Gael Toussaint's picture

Beautiful. Agree with Nir, the colors really make this stand out.

Lilia Alvarado's picture

Many thanks!

charles warren's picture

Great timing and anticipation. Excellent colors, pose. ****