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A Place where dreams are born & where time stays still...

Casey was short of breath from walking briskly. She was attending a conference. She was late, and by the time she arrived at the venue, the room was packed. People occupied every chair, lined the walls, and sat all over the floor. Casey found one small spot against the wall where she could stand.
It was many springs ago. Casey had no idea how her destiny would change by the absence of a chair that day.
Let's go back to that moment in the past. Eventually, Casey began getting tired and scanned the room for an empty spot to sit. That's when she saw a rather handsome, dark-haired guy sitting on half of a trash can. She could tell he was intentionally hanging off one side to leave room for someone else to sit, so she plopped right down next to him and said hello. And that's where it all began - sitting on a trash can.

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