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Photo, mua: Paige Addams
Model: Riona Neve

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Dawid Bukowski's picture

great :)

Mala Tochhawng's picture

love the grain

Franck Budynek's picture

I love the stareā€¦

Phil Fewsmith's picture

very nice!

Blake Aghili's picture

How is it layered like that? Is it through glass?

Paige Addams's picture

No, this was added in post processing. A horizontal motion blur on a duplicate of the photo layer, low opacity, with a layer mask.
Next time I'd like to try it out in-camera with flash + shutter drag.

Chris 'stAn' Hargrave's picture

Wonderful. The light and tone is beautiful and the edit is sublime. Amazing

Studio 403's picture

WOA, that is intense

Richard Spurdens's picture

Like the big eyes and effect of the gain here

Rale Radovic's picture

Love her and the shot... so beautiful