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Silky water

I scouted so long for the perfect location! It had rained a lot the last weeks, so many small rivers turned into dangerous, fast moving and dirty streams. Didn't want to risk anything! The one I found just in time four the project was in the middle of our local forrest and it is usually only 10-15 cm deep. When we arrived it was still 40 cm deep, so just perfect to lay someone down. It was July but we weren't reall lucky with temperature that day. It was surprisingly cold but my models did an awesome job!

I used only the natural light coming from the top, through the trees. Added 2 fake leaves into the water and stood next to my model as close as possible to get this shot.

Canon 700D
Canon 700D
24 mm · f/2,8 · 1/50 · ISO 100
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