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Underground hotspring at night

This is a hotspring (40degree celsius) in between the european and american continental plate, wich is fairly unknown to (most) tourists, wich means in a country like iceland you still have people on that location all the time. the solution to that was just waiting till deep in the night. wich was pretty hard to photograph, this photograph mightve been from late blue hour, but i remember i took pictures of ONE HOUR exposures at 2-3am in the night. simple composition/focus mistakes or changes meant i had to wait a long time to redo the picture.
The water is NOT photoshopped, i actually barely did any post processing on this. i didnt know water could be this blue. in person you cant see this much at night, because your light only lights up the hot water vapor entering the -10 degree atmosphere.

Apparently this cave has been used as a location to shoot some scenes of the series 'game of thrones'.

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