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A Mother's Joy by Jason McCoy Photography

I was requested by my client to create a fun and colorful maternity photo. She wanted something that would stand out. I channel Joy, Sunshine and earthly goddess to set the tone for this image. I turned the fan on and had two people throw the material up and down. All I asked her to do was to be happy, Joful, and push that energy into her belly. The combination of those thoughts and a great team created this amazing image.

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Truly magnificent! Grats on a job well done.

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Well done!

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Awesome photo!

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Amazing shot!

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Pretty sure this is the first 5 stars I've given to an image here. I love the colors, the look on her face, and the way the fabric is actually touching her in several areas. Literally nothing about this that I would change!

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Gorgeous shot.

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Simply amazing!!!! Great concept

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Amazing Jason!

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There is no room for improvement of this image. Nothing I would change.

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This is a beautiful and well executed image and I'm sure the client was happy. Very nicely done.

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This is the definition of the perfect photo. Not only is it hands down the best maternity photo I've ever seen. It might be one of my favorite portrait photos ever. Everything from the color contrast between the fabric and wall, to her perfect expression, editing, lighting.

I mean, the photo even looks "soft." I don't mean not sharp, but it literally makes me want to touch it on my screen it looks soft.

Absolutely incredible photo. I sent it to random friends and said "This is one of the best photos I've ever seen."

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This is amazing!

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Incredible photo!! I can honestly say that I've never seen a maternity photo book so glorious and joyous!! Well done!!

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Love this!

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This is an amazing image Sir!!! Welldone