Blackadder Bar Top Promotion by Steven Bottcher
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Blackadder Bar Top Promotion

April 28, 2018

A local brewery commissioned me to produce a couple images that would allow them to add promotional graphics while at the same time highlighting their beer glasses.

Knowing that the negative space would be covered with text made thing pretty easy. I just had to make the beer draw the eye. I accomplished both shots with a couple strobes (one with a strip box and anoher octabox for fill) and an aluminum strip for bouncing light through the glass. Both shots are composites, but no crazy PS shenanigans were needed to pull off either shot.

This image was made for their "wooden nickel wednesday" promotion. The text will go to the right of the glass so I needed most of the right side of the image to be pretty dark.

Important note: The beer in the image is 9% alcohol. I drank it after the shoot. Had a couple more after that. Didn't know the alcohol content. Learned my lesson.

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Excellent composition, light and color

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