Sam Fritz by James John
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Sam Fritz

April 29, 2018

Getting smokey with Sam Fritz. I recently discovered a product that makes your smoke smell like strawberries, amazing!

My rear strobe actually stopped working during this shoot, we were shooting on the street so I used car headlights instead.

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Douglas Turney's picture

I actually like the car headlight because it gives the photo a sense of place - the street. If I could suggest one thing it would be to rotate the flash from the left a little more towards camera. The shadow on the rider's face is a little too much for my taste.

James John's picture

Thanks for the feedback Douglas, another nice thing about the car headlights is their warmer colour temperature, creates a nice level of depth to the image. I shot options with a bit more of a traditional lighting setup as you are suggesting, but I preferred a more silhouetted look for this series, personal taste I suppose.