Isterdalen, Romsdalen, Norway. The famous Trollstigen is ahead of us. Blend of two exposures. One to smooth the water (Nisi 6 stop), and one to freeze the foliage.

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Fantastic shot as always, Ole!

Big thanks, Micke!

Beautiful work as always Ole !

Thanks so much, Sebastian!

Great mood and wonderful colors. Don't see many pictures with blue skies. Is this early morning? The blue in the water is only to the left, while the right is grey. Was this conscious or that's how it was? just curious

A huge thanks! It was taken around noon as far as I can remember. Not, not done on purpose. The water has this amazing bluegreen color from glaciers. Not sure why that isn't more pronounced to the right.

Every picture in your gallery brings a lot of emotions and you show your those landscapes in the best possible way. Excellent photography, Ole!

Thanks so very very much, Grzegorz!!