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Range Rover Evoque

I was wandering around the small city where I live, when suddenly my attention was caught by an old man washing his car: the level of care and the attention to details fashioned me to the point where I had to stop and chat with him. After a little bit of conversation he noticed my photographic equipment and asked me if I could be so nice to take some photos of his car. Of course, I accepted and got some shots. The light was not that beautiful that day, therefore I knew I could get much more out of the car and proposed him to come back the following night to try again.
This time I brought with me my flash and softbox and took many photos with the light in different positions.
The one magic touch, in my opinion, is the idea we both had of taking one picture with the rear lights on: it almost seems we were in a studio!
Of course the next step was to blend all the images in photoshop and reduces some of the wall's imperfections, but that was practically it: I tried to edit to emulate what we imagined that night.

It was my first "serious" car shooting, and I'm pretty happy of the outcome so far!

Canon 5D Mark III
85mm · f/11 · 1" · ISO 320
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