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old danube in Vienna

this is a dock in lake old danube in Vienna. On the old danube is a small island that is called Gänsehäufel, the name has something to do with gooses. And this island is a lido. On the east coarst of this island there are mostly families and small kids and it is very loud and noisy. And on the west coast where this foto is taken, there are mainly old people and it's very quiet. You can also rent some kind of space over the summer where you can leave your stuff. This space is called Kabine, translation is like cabine. This Kabines are very famous in Vienna. The best Kabines you can only get from your parents or grand parents. Most of them are rented from the same families for ages. I'm very happy to say, I own a cabine now for four years.
This foto was taken on a Einräumtag, these are the first days of the year when the lido opens and it opens these days only for people that have rented a Kabine.
On the other side of the lake you see some trees and right behind there are some buildings from the United Nations.

Sony A6300
8mm · f/11 · 1/500 · ISO 100
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