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Peek a boo

Caught this lovely lady while shooting birds at Ft. Whyte in Winnipeg, MB.

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Great shot David. I have some similar shots of a kangaroo doing this.

This is one of the "better to be lucky" moments. I was at a local conservation area shooting birds and the two deer I have posted here wandered into the scene and posed for me.

Sometimes I don't think it luck but sometimes "divine" guidance. Over the years I have marvelled at Bird and Wildlife Photographers who get amazing stuff because they sit in hides all day and are waiting for just the right light. Most of my landscape and wildlife photography has been in the time frame of 7-14 holidays or weekends. I like to just be ready to capture what comes along. Some amazing scenes have opened up before me but you do need to be watching,observing and concentrating. Going out for long stretches sitting in hides etc doesn't always gel with the other half. I very rarely use a tripod. Your work is really very good for someone who has only been doing photography seriously for 5 years.It can hold its own to most people out there.I'll try and find my Kangaroo shot behind the tree and post it to you. cheers Geoff Thompson

Thanks for the kind words, Geoff! What's nice is that studying what makes a nice shot and how to produce it is just fun for me...all of it! I just sold my 5DIII this evening to a young man that has just ventured into the world of wedding photography, certainly a young man's game. I have several of my shots printed and hanging on the walls. I think the shot that sold the camera was the buck I have posted in my gallery. It looks nice at 16X24, if I'm allowed to boast a little. :-)

Now I'm waiting for Canon to restock their 5DIV refurbished bodies. Big price reduction from new and there's a full one year warranty just like new. Hard to beat. But now I'm without a camera. Yikes!

Thanks David. Yes wedding photography is a young mans game.I did it from 1975 until just before Christmas last year at the age of 71. I had slowed down a lot in the last 10 years not doing many at all.When you have heart problems and lots of other ailments you notice the difference.I had a day job.I resist buying all the latest cameras as I already have too many,film and digital.I have found my shots I mentioned early and will post them on my portfolio if you go to my profile. cheers Geoff Thompson

I'm 66 and wouldn't consider shooting a wedding! I have too many joints that don't like to cooperate when put in compromising positions. :-) My son is the wedding photographer in the family. He can still crawl around on the floor without needing a crane to lift him up.

Also great framing. Have you thought of a tighter crop, cutting some of the left “colour” out?

Already have several prints hanging in other's homes and offices of the buck with the left part of the shot cropped out. Looks more like a 'buck portrait' now.

The crop made it a much stronger image. My two best selling prints are the buck and the doe peeking around the tree.