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Crown of the Kings

Monument Valley, Arizona, USA

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5 stars for you. And I won't even try to do landscape photography ever again ;)

edit: I do wonder what happens if you print this. Does the image still stand or does it get to edited. Hard to see at this resolution.

love the light trails!

Yup, like Mark said. I quit!

Dont quit! thanks Andrew

Lovely shots !


Stunning! How many exposures/shots is this?

If you or anyone else is wondering, the bottom line is that the Milky Way Core is 1.) not that big (to scale) against The Mittens, and 2.) It rises in the exact opposite direction, so you'd have to be in roughly the exact opposite position from these three mittens in order to see the Milky Way rise behind them.

You also forgot to add that you can't see the MW during golden/blue hour. lol. But meh...it's still a lovely image.

this was around 12 exposures, 5 for the milky way, another 4-5 for the light trails, then a base image.

As a piece of art, i love it. It's just funny to see the MW mixed in with blue hour and even golden sunlight on the horizon knowing that's impossible.

The best

mental mate

Very good image. I was there last month and fell in love with the place. Congrats! on a great capture

This is amazing, great job!