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Untitled 1The truth is...

When we meet someone from a different culture, our first instinct is to recognize all the dissimilarities between them and us. And that is fine. Learning about different cultures means widening your mind and your spirit.

But, have you ever stopped to wonder whether our similarities overrule all the differences? Your Amish friend enjoys the nature, just like you do. Your Indian colleague cares about his family as much as you do. Your Muslim neighbor worries about the world peace too.

Our opinions might vary significantly, our means of achieving goals may not be the same, and we will disagree on a bunch of minor and major issues. But, at the end of the day, we are all haunted by the same questions, troubled by the same fears and driven by the same emotions. Everyone is unique in their own way, yet everyone is fundamentally the same. No matter where you live, or what you stand for, the truth is…we are all in the same boat here – called the planet Earth.

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Is this in SWFL ?

SWFL? :) I am not too good in abbreviations

Excellent storytelling from framing/como to that perfect exposure to the tone of the mood. The slight turn of the head on the one on the left is the best touch for engagement/further Story between the two subjects. Bravo!

I am not saying this is a bad picture - it simply does nothing for me.
But the piece of prose you have written to go with it is nothing short of brilliant! It is a pity more people don't share the same sentiment. It has started my day on a high note.