Irene Rudnyk's picture


Canon 5D Mark III
85mm · f/2.0 · 1/1250s · ISO 100
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Cristian Perotti's picture

I saw the picture and though to myself "This looks like an Irene Rudnyk photo". Then I saw the name above lol. Awesome picture, as usual! I would love to shoot with you someday! Cheers from Uruguay!

Tavian Deonte's picture

I adore this shot!

Steven Adler's picture

Like a pride of lions

Ravi teja Naraharisetty's picture

Amazing Photo !

How did you get everyone in focus at f/2.0 ?

Amir Kaljikovic's picture

Insane! Love the posing of the girls.
Really great shot! They will love it in some years.

charles warren's picture

Irene , that's a really beautiful shot . They remind me of shy lost kittens. Nice.....

Alex Wolf's picture

Fantastic shot, Irene!

Robert Nurse's picture

I'm curious about the lighting. Was this purely natural light or was flash or reflectors used?

Shannon Mader's picture

Incredibly angelic ;)

Trait D'olympe's picture

Beautifully smoochy pic. How did you get everyone in focus at this aperture ?

Emma Grigoryan's picture

such a calm setup in a good way