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Foggy Golden Gate Bridge

Stormy day overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Carl Salisbury's picture

I'm liking this shot, with that container ship adds an extra depth to this, if I was to make one suggestion, the fence in the foreground is a bit of a distraction.

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You Know I wrestled back and forth with leaving the fence in or not, and It's something I constantly go back too, my issue was I really loved the plant on the right but the fence does indeed look like garbage. I might have to crop it out and just see if Im happy with it. Thanks so much for all the comments on my photos.

Douglas Neese's picture

I think the fence is really a non-issue. I does give the background more depth. Are there better shots of this famous bridge? Perhaps. Are there worse? Oh my, yes. This is sharp, clear, and good color. This is a very good photo.

Matt Goudreau's picture

Thank you douglas, thats what i was originally intending was more depth and i even cropped it out to see what it would look like without it and honestly I wasn't that happy with it. Appreciate your input, and your comparison to other shots, everyone has a sunny perfectly sharp golden gate photo, for me I wanted something different. It's nice to know people like it as well.