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Stormy Sunset

Stormy sunset over The Boat House, Perth, Australia.

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This place is on my bucket list for sure!

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Should be in everybody's bucket list, thanks mate

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It bemuses me there are places on earth which are on the 'must photograph' bucket list a lot of photographers; the Lake Wanaka tree in New Zealand; the almost unpronounceable (and certainly for non-Icelanders 'unspellable') but magnificent waterfalls of Iceland; Thors Tongue and many others. It seems the Boat Shed may be another. I'm not saying any of them aren't great subjects for the craft of photography, it just bemuses me people will travel from one side of the world to the other to photograph them. The Boat Shed is a very common wedding photography location - my son and daughter-in-law included.

As for me, well, I've lived in Perth for near 44 years and never been to the Boat Shed. But, maybe I should exercise my wannabe ambitions and give it a try albeit I suspect my photo won't be as good. One can but try and continue practicing - privately!:-) .

An excellent photo by the way.

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Cheers mate. I was living in Perth last year and this beauty was just 10 minutes from home. I have to say that it's more beautiful trough the lense. It's simple, minimalistic and well orientated. I wouldn't go to Perth just to photograph this, but if you live there is a must. You've got pretty skies and windy clouds there, perfect combination with this little blue house!

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Nice image, I've shot that boat house so many times but never seem to get there during a storm.

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Thanks mate! Keep trying it, it's such an amazing place if you avoid the crowd!

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Superb long expo!

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thanks mate

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nice one

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Beautiful photo - very well done!

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Superb long exposure Jose!

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