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| Interstellar |

I had dreamed of visiting this location ever since I saw the breathtaking images captured by the legendary Michael Goh, aka Astrophotobear.
'Interstellar' not only captures the epic beauty of this desertic location and the night sky, but also the personal sense of wonder and accomplishment that comes from ticking a long-awaited destination off my list. ​These timeless guardians stand tall and proud, reaching towards the starry sky above. As the Summer Milky Way stretches across the night sky, these ancient sentinels seem to connect the terrestrial world with the interstellar beyond.
Sky: tracked panorama with Benro Polaris, 18 Vertical photos, 1250 ISO f4 120s 15mm
Foreground: 2000 ISO f16 0.5s 15mm
Happy New Year!

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