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Arizona Green Toad

Funny story behind this find. A group of five of us set out to find one these toads one night. It was a frog that all but one of had never seen. As a group, we scoured the area for a good hour with no luck. We then decided to split up. Half of the group decided to take the hard trek through the deep mud to where we were hearing calling sounds from some sort of toad but we were not sure if the sound we were hearing was from this species or not. The other half decided to walk the paved road with our flashlights and see if he happen to see any jumping across the road. Sure enough, five minutes into our walk on the paved road I spotted this guy just a couple feet off the road. The group that decided to take the hard trek through the mud were not able to find anything significant.

Canon REBEL T3i
100mm · f/8.0 · 1/125 · ISO 100
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