This photo was lit with 3 speedlites. One was in a parabolic umbrella to the camera left, the second one was a barebulb speedlite directly behind her, a little bit above her head, the last light was in a 70x70 softbox to the camera right.

Sony Alpha A700
58mm · f/5.6 · 1/250s · ISO 400
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Wayne Denny's picture

Saw this on the FB thread - really great shot!

Kristjan Järv's picture

Thank you!!

Joel Wallace's picture

Excellent! This is so good!

Joel Wallace's picture

Congratulations on making it on phlearns weekend inspiration. That is killer.

Kristjan Järv's picture

Haha, thank you! I wasn't expecting this photo to get this much publicity when I made it.

Wouter Noerens's picture

Awesome shot, Love the lighting, retouching, ...

Kristjan Järv's picture

Thanks! Glad you like it!

Farreno Ferguson's picture

Properly done ... awesome work

Kristjan Järv's picture

Thank you, Ferreno!

Anonymous's picture

Solid work

Kristjan Järv's picture

Thank you very much!

JF Cloutier's picture

Those lights really accentuate the shape of the body. The sprinter's position is perfect. A very good photo indeed.

Was it the barebulb speedlite that also lit the grey background? I see no shadow under her, did you mask it somehow or did the light set do that?

Kristjan Järv's picture

Thank you! Under barebulb I acually meant a speedlite with no modifier. There wasn't acually any background like that in the orginal photo, that was composited in later. The shadows on the ground are however real, the flash was at such an angel that it didn't hit the ground.

Arthur Ward's picture

Simply put, I want to be able to take photos like this! Well done!

Kristjan Järv's picture

Haha, thank you! Lots of practise and one day you just might :D

Dino Proctor's picture

Excellent, love the rim lighting, and how she stands out against the background!

John Buckingham's picture

Very creative image. Love it!

Devon Delzine's picture

Light Angles well focused

Branden de Haas's picture

Wonderful Action Shot!

Sarah Allegra's picture

Amazing freeze of action! The light is so perfect! Beautiful shot in every way!

Bo Johnsson's picture

Brilliant! Well lit and lots of action.

Kristjan Järv's picture

Thank you!

Maximilian Draeger's picture

Perfectly nice shot! But I would wish too see a bit different position of her hands, don't you think so?
I don't know how you think about it but in my opinion a bit more light on the feet, especially her left one would be great for making the picutre even better.

Keep going! I like it!

Anonymous's picture