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I'm Not With Him

This is a re-edit of a previously submitted image that I was told needed work. Since I was not told what work it needed, I re-cropped, bumped the saturation, and cleaned up some of the trash on the sand.

Nikon D80
135mm · f/5.6 · 1/1600s · ISO 200
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I wouldn't give the "needs work" rating ANY credence, Emile. I mean that literally. Several excellent photographers on Fstoppers have noted a string of 2-star ratings (even 1 star), with no comment. I think this behaviour is the closest I've seen to trolling on this very civil forum. So you're probably inadvertently "feeding the trolls" by saying anything in response.

I think both versions are excellent, especially with your anthropomorphic title, which gives them a very different quality. Maybe this one is "tighter", more punchy, but in terms of composition, the first version's greater context has its own appeal.

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Thank you, Chris. I have to admit that the first "needs work" prompted me to go back and punch it up, crop it more, and really get "in your face" with the birds. After watching the CTC videos, though, I can see how tough the community can be.