A friend of mine asked if I could take a photo of him wearing his dragoon soldier clothes and so we did.

There is one parabolic 90cm softbox on the right side of the model facing 45 degrees down and one small softbox on the left side with grids. We also used smokemachine to create right mood for the photo.

Nikon D610
35 · f/7.1 · 1/160 · ISO 250
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beautiful my friend...the light contrast is magical.

Thank you mate!!

awesome details and great set. Great feelings too

Thank you Mike!

Love the lighting and colors, great shot Juhamtti!

Thank you Mario!

I love this. Very very nice.

Thank you MD

This is one of those rare photos that I stop and enjoy every time I stumble upon it. The lighting, composition, perspective is all wonderful, but I think their is something else my eye loves about it, and whatever it is I can't find the words for it.

Thank you so much Paul! Clad you like it!

Beautiful atmosphere. I am a fan

Thank you Chris :)

This is inspiring! What was the location? Amazing atmosphere.

thank you! this was photographed at his home :)

The lighting, the set, the costume, all fantastic. This is exactly the type of portrait that I love. Great work.

Thank you Matt :)

Five from me!