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Mark Richardson
Idaho Falls, ID
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Photographer, Videographer
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Mark Richardson is a full-time professional photographer, videographer, and author of the Camera Stupid website. His job has taken him to several different countries where he has used quadcopters to capture stunning aerial imagery for use in corporate and commercial productions. Mark has scratch built several quadcopters and hexacopters but now prefers the DJI Phantom platform for its ease of use and compact size for travel.

Mark's first love will always be great landscape photography but he is interested many different styles and subjects including architecture, food, portraiture, and of course aerial photography.

Mark studied photography, videography, and graphic design at BYU-Idaho where he received a Bachelors of Science. Since graduating in 2009, Mark has worked in the industry using photography and videography to tell brand stories.

Always quick to pick up new techniques and learn new technology, Mark has jumped into aerial photography and videography with both feet and has hours of flight time under his belt.

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