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Wind beneath a broken wing.

A sparrow takes flight with missing feathers from its wing like it had been broken once before or had been in a fight.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Great shot, Bobby - the pose and backlighting are just right. Realising just how small your subject is (I thought magpie) makes it even more of a feat to capture such a very brief moment.

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Thank you Chris so much! Yeah I found this little guy with a broken wing and nursed him back to health, which he keeps coming around,landing on my neighbors antenna that's where I caught this pose of him fixing to land on! It feels good to know I'm doing something right, but I'm open minded to any critics┬┐

Logan Baker's picture

This is pretty freaking cool dude. I think if you wanted to try to give a critique of this image you could intentionally set up a flash to be able to get some more detail out of the belly, but that is just being picky for the sake of always trying to improve.If I had taken this picture I would be freaking out with how cool it is. And whoever is giving you a rating less than three stars but not sharing any constructive criticism to explain how it could be better is just ridiculous.

Bobby Wood's picture

Hey' I'm so sorry, I'm just getting back to you! And yes I was freaking out how cool this shot I got was, after several tries, but my motto is try, and try again and keep trying, thanks for all your input and love of the pic.