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A Colorless America

I created this flag in black and white because right now with everything in the United States that we are going through, black versus white and racism and everything else, because all we see is color! I wanted this flag to represent that in America; we should not see color, because we are one! we are the same! no matter what!

LG Electronics LGMS330
2.66mm · f/2.6 · 1/3676s · ISO 100
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Love the image, and your sentiment, Bobby! If only more people had the generosity of spirit.

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Yes your right on that! Just sat down resting for a minute from cooking homemade chicken enchiladas reading your other messages you sent I will get back with you in the morning and yes I'm staying safe and away from covid-19 my wife and my kids and I are doing fine I hope you're doing fine as well and keep up the good work on your house I would love to see some photos I too am fixing to buy a house or remodel my grandmother's I haven't made up my mind any ideas? I wanted to tell you how much it means I have somebody miss you and they say that they're glad that you're back that really means a lot to me and that makes me feel cared for..... take care buddy until morning see you mate!

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