Padova - Italy by Guilherme Checchia
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Padova - Italy

August 15, 2018
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Very nice composition Guilherme.

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Hey Derek!
How is everything?


I have finally made it and I'm now in Italy! Just due to budget restriction, I had to get a inferior camera than I wished, but it's great for me improve my skills!

Yesterday was a big holiday in Italy, so in this square in Padova was being assembled with a stage for shows and fireworks at night, so I couldn't take wide shots because it would appear all the workers and construction vans!

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Hi Guilherme, I'm happy you made it, and am looking forward to seeing more of your photos. The camera isn't what makes the photo, its the skill the photographer, so go get some killer images and have fun. I've never been to Padova, so I'm looking forward to seeing what pictures you find there.

Guilherme Checchia's picture

That's very true!!

I will keep pushing myself for better photos and enjoy the ride of these beautiful places we have!