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At the Sea

This summer went so quick, and by constantly working, I barely missed it all. However, at the end, more like spontaneous team up with Rezija (Model) saved it all. Despice cold water, and my models struggle whit it, we made quite a few decent shots at the Baltic sea. Now I can't choose which pictures should I retouch and which not. Seems like I like more photos than I need. lol

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The lighting on her is amazing, but to me it looks like she's photshopped into the picture.

It might be the resolution issue. It looks differently on pc and 500px. I usually scale down to 2048px.

Love the photo :)
I like how the beautiful model pops from the background :)
Do you use speed lights for your outdoor portraits and I could be wrong but do you use HSS?
Love your work

Thanks man. I used ND filters and 3x speedlights.

You do an awesome job mate. Keep up the fantastic work.