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Jungle Theme

An agency for corporate identity hired me for a photo shoot of their employees earlier this year.
When I came to the first meeting, they told me they are renewing their website and therefore in the need of some group- and single shots of their employees and executives. They wanted something special, since they are in the business of building corporate identities it needed to stand out.

After a long discussion we came up with a jungle concept, since going a long walk through thick jungle kind of represents finding a corporate identity.
They also wanted to have this big, scarred, oaken meeting-table in the scene.
And it all had to be done in their rather small office, as they wanted to give an experience to customers of knowing the room and the table already. Possibilities and transformations.
Another difficulty was that the pictures needed to be very panorama like,
as they are going to vary at the header of the new website.

you can see it here>> http://www.ferras.at/

We came up with these 3 subjects.

A stylist and a make-up artist took care of the outfits after we discussed the color scheme.
In advance everything needed to be planned very carefully.
I went to the zoo and the tropical house to get some high quality pictures of animals and tropical plants for these image manipulations.

A week before the shooting date I went to their office to do some test shots and find the right perspectives, also having them pose shortly. Talked about everything else needed, like vines and palms that need to interact with the people. Things that are hard to fix digitally, afterwards.
So I brought some vines I had at home. We also used the plants they already had in the office.

I was equipped with a Canon Mark 2, a 24-70 mm lens, 3 Hensel compact flashes, wireless triggered.
Two big, white reflectors with green backsides and a macbook.
My assistant and I used the green backside on the single shots and for employees with a stray hair situation to make it easier to extract.
That came in hand since the jungle background would be greenish afterwards too.

I don’t take my laptop on location very often because it makes me kind of immobile.
But on group shots like these it was very important to see what everyone was doing.

The post production in Photoshop Cs6 took me about one week, I took a lot of care for the details and little animals.

After all it was a great, challenging experience.

Canon 5D Mark II
24-70 mm · f/8 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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