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Baxenghyll Gorge

We headed out to Ingleton Falls, somewhere I had been 4 years ago. But this time we had the plus 2! My 4 year did extremely well in walking and making new friends, Uncle Mohammed Mahboob and Aunty Nabeela. My wife did well in carrying my daughter who recently had a major leg op, so well done you! I didn't take my 1DX2 as I wanted to focus on family and the trip but took my mirrorless M50 instead and a Joby, just in case I see a shot. And I did, a few in fact. So here's the first one in the installment. This is Baxenghyll Gorge, near the end where you get on the bridge to view it. Amazing falls and hard to capture with what I had.

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is that a beerfall...nice shot!!