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Tyson Ritter

The funny story behind this photo –

I was hired to photograph an editorial of an actor who was introduced to me as “Jesus” from the show Preacher.

“Jesus” arrives at my apartment. I photograph the editorial. We’re having an absolutely great time. The whole time, “Jesus” keeps mentioning that he plays in a band and in my head I’m thinking, awe, that’s cute... he plays in a band.

“Jesus” leaves. My friend then kindly informs me that “Jesus” is Tyson Ritter, lead singer of the All American Rejects.

p.s. I loved them when I was younger. 😂

Canon 5D Mark IV w/ Canon 24–70mm f/2.8L II
1/200, f/8, ISO 100

Profoto D2 500w with Profoto Deep While Umbrella XL with 1-Stop of Diffusion and Black V-Flat (Camera right).

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That's an amazing expression!