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Braving the Night Rain

It was one of the heaviest rains I’ve ever shot in. Even with my umbrella, I was completely soaked… I was even worried that I might have spoiled my iPhone since it must be drenched in my pocket. But seeing the picturesque atmosphere brought out by the street lights under the rain, I knew I had the potential keeper just waiting to happen. So I moved on.

While I was standing in the intersection, crossing paths with pedestrians hurrying to get to shelter, I noticed this lone figure from afar… right in the middle of Orchard Road. The silhouette was walking away from where I was, so with my tiny umbrella on one hand and camera on the other, I ran towards it to catch a better look. Suddenly I realized the figure was actually walking towards my direction! I hurriedly backed up until I got the framing I wanted. I knelt down, pointed, and just clicked away.

When the figure walked past me, I realized it was an old lady. She was just casually walking, braving the heaviest of rains, with the street all by herself. What a big contradiction to the younger crowd I usually encounter, hurrying to get to shelter like the rain was a bad thing.

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I love the mood you've captured here.