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Roy's Peak - Wanaka

Hiking to Roy’s Peak was one of the most physically and mentally demanding challenges I’ve ever faced. It is in these moments that we discover a lot about ourselves. I discovered that I’m my own worst enemy and how easily I let self doubt get the better of me. I knew I was physically capable of the challenge, but mentally, I had to face my crippling fear of heights.

I found two thing which helped me push through my physical and mental battles. 1# having my wife by my side to pick each other up when we were at our lowest. 2# having a bag filled with tasty and nutritious treats!

ISO 100 | f/11 | 1/200s

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love the story and composition its just the time of day thats killing the shot. luckily there are more than a few colors to help you out.

Hi Joseph, yeah I have to agree with you, shooting during the golden hour would have really helped with the harsh highlights and shadows.

can you put a filter over it in PS to correct or give the illusion of golden hour