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Tales of Druids

The initial idea of this project started 8 years ago, but it wasn’t until 5 years ago when I started getting my hands on it. It might seem odd to think that, it was only at that moment in time when I finally felt confident of my skills and work to step forward (In terms of production) into something totally different of what I was used to.

At the end of this photoshoot, which took us around 10 hours of production for roughly 30 minutes of actual shooting time, the only thing in our minds was to achieve this "one special photo". It is funny that it took me 5 years more to reveal it and start its post-production with the original idea in mind. This happened because back then I did not feel prepared to do so, so I saved and honored that one "special photo" letting it age while improving my skills, waiting for the right time to come. I definitely think this happened because what I achieved back then was way beyond the skills it required for me to process that work and achieve something as great as I wanted to.

Today, three different aspects of myself finally meet each other, my improved actual self, my visionary self from almost a decade ago and that other self that took the risk and conceived this idea.

The end result I present now is one of my most precious and complex pieces, based on my philosophy of "Less is more". That idea is creating high-impact visuals with the idea of giving birth to that "one special picture" based off high level aesthetics that are the result of a great pre-production labor, production and post-production.

"Tales of druids" remained unpublished for more than 8 years, until this day.

Makeup & Hairstyle: Lauren H. Tylor
Model: Belén Castellanos
Location: Not Found.Studio
Photo: Damian Serrano

Canon 5D Mark III
67mm · f/9.0 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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Jon Miller's picture

Very nicely done. I can relate how it took time to finally create a certain image, I've had a few myself that although the initial thought was years ago, the actual execution of the image finally coming together years later.

Damián Serrano's picture

Yes I think the real art have time to take form but at the end we can see the beautiful final result time later . Thanks for share with me you experience :)

Alphonsie Nicolas's picture

Love it, beautiful work!!

Damián Serrano's picture

Thank you so much !

Deleted Account's picture

Love this shot. Well done.

Damián Serrano's picture

Thanks a lot !

Lui Cardenas's picture

Wow! this is so beautiful!

Damián Serrano's picture

Thank you so much !

Santiago Pedroza's picture

So much talent in this image! Beautiful

J Maloney's picture

Absolutely beautiful!!! nice work!

Goran Avramovic's picture

Incredible workmanship. Blending in with God and nature.
Бајковито.Невјероватна обрада.Стапање са Богом и природом.

Erika Garcia's picture

Absolutely beautiful... wow