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Such yammy leafs

During my visits in my old hometown Salla in northern Finland, I find myself often aiming my lens at reindeers. They hang around in the streets a bit too much for safety, and they're really not concerned about cars at all. However the moment you open a window, or step out of the car, they start running away. As such, I found myself having a lot of close-up-portraits of reindeers through the car window, and a ton of pictures of reindeer butts.

However this one is my favourite this far. Even though it is shot far away at 200mm, and it is quite a heavy crop, it captures quite a charming moment. That little cub was taking turns eating those leafs and rubbing his or her head on it, all the while looking extremely content with life and the world. Also the surrounding forest frames the gorgeous animal beautifully.

Any constructive critisism will be appreciated.

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