Self Portrait Using A 3 Light Setup by Shane Smith
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Self Portrait Using A 3 Light Setup

September 15, 2018

Ok, Im just starting my hand in Portrait Photography as Im usually doing Landscape Photography. So any tips, ideas and comments are always welcome :)

I used a 3 light setup and seeing I was on my own I had to do the self portrait with all the setting up, adjusting of lights then trying to pose in the just the right position ALL by myself LOL

I was trying to go for a Crocodile Dundee feel as Im an Aussie :) I also took another one but I put it in the Headshot Photography Group (IF you are interested to see how that came out) :)

I had the main light source was a Godox TT685N speedlight in a octabox angled down at 45degrees, the 2nd light is another Godo TT685N speedlight in a small soft box angled up to my left just to fill in some of the shadows that was cast by the brim of the hat and to put a bit of a catchment of light into my eyes. The 3rd light was a Yongnuo YN560III speedlight angled up from behind me onto the backdrop (Which are just my grey roller blinds)

70mm · f/5.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Four stars for the right attitude! Go for the "Crocodile Dundee" style. I really like this photo :)