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Epic Night


Stormy bivouac at Mont Pelat summit (3051m), Mercantour national parc, Southern Alps close to the French riviera.

Getting out of our comfort zone is the best way to make great memories and live intensively, but at this point ! We were waken up in the middle of the night by an unexpected hail storm, a symphony of lightning flash and violent thunder bursts that came right above us four an hour, this powerfull experience made us more scared and feeling alive than ever ! Llast but not least, the pointy rocks around us were shining an incandescant Saint-Elme fire with a hissing noise before every ligtning. I had never heard about Saint-Elme fires before and knew nothing about it, after some research I know now that we have been extremely lucky and I will never get on such a summit without being 100% sure of the weather conditions anymore.
This is not a picture I had in mind from this adventure, but it is a great memorie from this epic night.

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