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Quirk: Blood

What a mess! This is a self portrait based off an anime character Toga Himiko from My Hero Academia. In the show she uses blood as her super power. Since its halloween time, I figured lets do a blood bath style shoot. As I was looking for inspo I came across the classic milk dress and boom! Instantly I thought lets do a blood dress. I wrapped my spare bedroom in plastic sheets, inspired by Dexter, had a few friends over for help and went crazy! I made the blood with laundry soap, chocolate syrup, and red food coloring. Basically my house smelled like a Dairy Queen for a week! And only a tiny bit ended up on the carpet underneath. But I did manage to splatter blood on the ceiling while decorating the plastic sheeting. Oops! This is a composite of... about 22 images?

For the set up: I used 2 Profoto b1's, one with a grid spot on the floor pointed to the background, and the other with a large silver umbrella. Shot on a Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-105 4.0 lens.

I could not have done with this without the help of my team!! @peachgirlphoto clicked the shutter and kept me in the same spot in frame. And of course my lovely blood throwers @Vango_fett , @hella_casual_cosplay , and @sunchildcosplay all on instagram.

My cosplay ig @deeganmariee and my photo ig @deeganmariephoto

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