Alpe di Siusi by Philip Slotte
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Alpe di Siusi

October 21, 2018

Gorgeous morning in the Italian Alps.

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Kim Jenssen's picture

Great capture , Philip. Alpe di siusi with the morning fog its pretty epic !

Philip Slotte's picture

Thanks man!
Yea it's truly an amazing place, i'm already looking forward to go back next year.

Marcin Świostek's picture

Great picture! I like how I was looking and thinking how peaceful it was, with the mist and no people... and then I noticed the small silhouette. Really nice.

Marcin Świostek's picture

Although it looks a bit like composite. ;)

Philip Slotte's picture

Thank you Marcin :)
I think that most people don't notices that person in the foreground actually, so i'm glad that you did. It's not a composite, none of my pictures are ;)

Great picture,its amazing

Philip Slotte's picture

Thank you so much Tino!