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Orion Complex

The Orion Complex 50mm
This was actually a second thought after my canon battery died after 2 hours imaging the Pleiades. Only managed 34 minutes of data on this before the wind picked up later in the night and I begun to throw out more subs than I was keeping.
Relatively happy with how far I was able to take it in post before it started artifacting and breaking down.


Sigma art 50mm at f2.8
Sony a7ii at ISO400 (unmodded)
Star Adventurer
Orion 50mm guide scope
QHY5 guidecam

17x120" Lights
40 Bias
25 Darks
No Flats

Processed in PixInsight and Photoshop
Imaged from suburbs of Wellington, NZ (Bortle 5-6)

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