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Rainbow Coast

I shot this a few months back. This was a pretty special shot for me, it really affirmed my belief in the value of returning to a location multiple times and knowing it inside out.
This is a stretch of coastline at the Southern end of Wellington, NZ. I’ve been to this area maybe 50+ times in the last three years. I know the tides and how much rock will be showing at particular points in the cycle, I know how the incoming waves funnel around and through each bend and channel. I know this stretch of coast like the back of my hand so when I saw a rainbow forming I knew exactly where I needed to be.

I’m not gonna lie and say I was leaping and bounding over jagged rocks and fast moving water to catch the light, because I was actually pretty close to be honest…
For me this image is about time and practice and it makes all those times I’ve gone out and come back with nothing so so worth it. Its not just the time spent driving to, at location and time processing that goes into an image, its all the ‘failed’ attempts too.

16mm vertical pano

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