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Guest Suite

Bed and bath in a historic La Jolla estate. Warren Sheets Design (San Francisco).

Canon 5D Mark II
24mm · f/8.0 · 1/40s · ISO 400
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Your convergence of lines is a joy to behold - it's probably a pain in the rear, but the mixed light and colours on the carpet was the only thing not perfect (and that's just reality) but I wonder if it could be cleaned up? And if you figure out how, let us know LOL

Thanks, Deane! I think I could prob use a temperature brush in Lightroom or a color cast filter in ColorEfx (and only "select" a certain area)... I'll give it a shot. It was tough with the sheers on the unseen wall windows and the lamp bulbs as well as the daylight from the patio. :)

Andy, I've shot just enough architectural (less falutin to say real estate LOL) to know how much skill you need to pull this off without the post production challenge :)